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Not sure what to write here really, haha. I'm a 20-somthing year old chick from Sweden.
Been drawing for as long as I can remember. Learnt about the digital medium a couple of years ago, and been stuck since.
Even ended up as a graphics designer of sorts. I get to spend most of my days fiddling around in Photoshop and Corel Draw, making shirt prints, designs for company cars and big ass trucks. And in top of that, everything from creating logos to layout for broschures and websites.
I'm also in charge of -making- the actual things aswell. So some days I'm in the garage, litterally climbing said big ass trucks, applying the designs I've made for them in form of sticky vinyl, other days I'm stuck at the office for hours, printing t-shirts, haha.
Feature Time! You don't have to put this up on your page (though it is appreciated if you do)

Just comment here and I will feature 3 of my favorite pieces from your gallery <3

(Totally snagged from.. EVERYONE! >:3 And I'm bad with words. Most likely everything here will sound cheesy as heull D: )

1) Fadedlightning :iconfadedlightning:  Contest Entry - Deals of A Different KindBrawler's Guild. Orgrimmar. Full of blood lust and dirty deals. Within the centre of a the open topped building stood an arena where the so-called 'brawling' was done. Not the type of place you'd think to find a glamorous little gobette but this little lady had reason to be here.
Miss Kizzih Mortinca Coppernickle was the name of this wealthy young female goblin and her attire showed it. She was wearing a long aqua blue dress, covered in sequins and rather low in the neckline, emphasising her cleavage. Upon her tiny feet were a pair of kitten heeled sandals, silver in their colouration and around her shoulders was a faux-fur shrug, white in colour. She pushed her way through the doors to the arena, receiving salutes from the orc grunts on either side of the door.
Clearly having a daddy who owned and sold oil all over Azeroth has it's advantages. She eyed the arena  before she let out a sigh. Her choice of clothing wasn't exactly suitable for this sort of place.  This young lad
Happy Birthday Cerzz! Appearance
Cerzz seems to be unlike the average Tauren female, measuring in at a height of only five foot and six inches. Pale grey fur covers her form with her paler coloured stomach standing out. She stands on two rather dirty white hooves and there are similar coloured horns on her head. Markings on this female include a 'Z' shaped marking in the small of her back and several scars including two: one which courses diagonally across her body and another which marks her hip-bone.
Gingery-brown coloured hair frames her face, fading out in an ombre style to white coloured tips. Her main facial feature are her eyes which are yellow in colouration white with black scleras which also have black markings around them. Her muzzle is pale pink in colour. However this is only her humanoid appearance.
Cerzz is in fact a bronze dragon who takes on the usual colouration of her kind with two horns atop her head and two upon her bottom jaw. Her eyes are a similar colour to her humanoid form
Character Sheet - Kizzih Mortinca Coppernickle by FadedLightning

Lots of good reading and fun characters can be found in her gallery, that's for sure! :3 I'm not an author myself, what so ever :'3 Makes me appreciate skilled writers :D

2) Zafnova :iconzafnova: Hey, remember that faggot? by ZafNova AT: Hit again at 10 by ZafNova The admirable admiral by ZafNova

Hard time picking just 3 favourites (I promised myself I'd keep it to 3!). LOOK AT THAT COLOUR. I don't even. Look at that skin! I just want to rip it off and rub it all over my face. Yes. 

3) The-Cerzz :iconthe-cerzz: Cerzz's New Outfit by The-Cerzz Oh You'd BETTER Not Be Beating Me One Handed... by The-Cerzz The Moo Me by The-Cerzz

Again, hard to pick just 3. Part from a lovely army of fun and GOOORGEOUS characters (I'm especially in looove with a certain tauren :'3 ), I really love her colouring and her way with words in her written works <3

4) Vintertid :iconvintertid: Heard u were talkin shit by Vintertid Oil and grime, poison sludge by Vintertid Now listen here you whippersnappers by Vintertid

Well. I'd link her entire gallery if I could. Seriously. Insanely talented. INSANELY.

5) The-Zombie-Cat :iconthe-zombie-cat: Veerastraza by The-Zombie-Cat Trinkets by The-Zombie-Cat Katia in #4 by The-Zombie-Cat

Extremely skilled when it comes to nice, clean linework. She somehow manages to make it really detailed, wihout making it messy to look at. Like the two first busts I linked, LOOK AT DAT HAIR. I'm very jelly D: Also, lordy lord, another army of rather unique and very well made characters!

6) Paraspriteful :iconparaspriteful: Katia by Paraspriteful  Risen by Paraspriteful Caecylia Summertree by Paraspriteful

AKLDANNFASÖD. Again. Beyootiful hair. And noses. And awesome with colours. I even adore her WMV-edits, I usually think stuff like that is a bit MEH, y'know? But she gives them depth and detail like no other <3

7) Raptor85 :iconraptor85: Over Excitement... by Raptor85 Huggies by Raptor85 The Doc Meets Another Doc by Raptor85

So.. Many CUTE FUZZY THINGS. Been browsing through this gallery before, but never gone aaaall the way to the back. Oh man. There's some real gems here. Great expressive faces, clean lines and lots of variation when it comes to motifs (spelling?), everything from craycray forsaken to dinosaurs <3

8) Hiramana :iconhiramana: PuppiesLines by Hiramana Semi-gift: Nuuuuuu by Hiramana Swiggity swooty by Hiramana 

I feel bad for only linking lineworks, but it's not that I don't like the coloured versions, but because I do have a serious thing for neat lineworks xD Especially when it comes to animals, which I personally suck at beyond belief. THIS on the other hand, all my envy. LOOK AT THOSE CUTE PUPPEH DOGES <3 (And all the other awesome stuff, of course)

9) Asheydoo :iconasheydoo: Lili - August 3, 2014 by Asheydoo Cadnica by Asheydoo Roknidesh by Asheydoo

Again, crisp lineworks, beyootiful hair and a ton of neat profile portraits (among other neat things). "Noob drawing at it's finest" my arse. GO LOOK, I TELL YOU.

10) Celemiri :iconcelemiri: Sea Drake by Celemiri White Rose by Celemiri Shai-Hulud by Celemiri

I don't really know what these are, but I know I like them. I can imagine them being printed and framed, and hung on big walls, having people look at them for ages. The longer you look, the more details you find, and it's mesmerizing D:

11) The-Serene-Mage :iconthe-serene-mage: Zaerindel and Ash'ana Hug by The-Serene-Mage Gift: Violet by The-Serene-Mage Twillyssa Twilight Dragon OC by The-Serene-Mage

WMV edits galore! Quite a handful of lovely OC characters here aswell, giving them her own touch :D I'm quite impressed with how she edits the models poses into more interlaced and "natural" poses, like couples hugging/holding one another and so on. Likewise how she combines pieces of gear and creates something new! I've tried it a bit myself, and I usually give up half way, haha. 

12) Gnatsies :icongnatsies: Stoya the barbarian by Gnatsies Chibi wow taurens or whatever by Gnatsies ork  in da wood by GnatsiesMy orc brute/hulk custom build! by GnatsiesYvette pinup thing by Gnatsies

He didn't actually ask for a feature, but I felt he deserved one either way. Also, he's my darling so he gets special treatment and thus five features. SHAYM ON MEH. It breaks my heart a little that he thinks he sucks at drawing, eventho' he more or just begun practising. I mean, up until just yesterday he didn't even have a tablet, and thus used a mouse. And I can honestly say, I see improvement for each and every new thing he draws. And aswell, his gallery is filled with amazing painted warhammer models. How he can paint those ITSY EFFIN BITSY little plastic thingies, is beyond me really. I've done some myself, and I have no clue what I'm doing. Go check him out and give him some love :D

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So i just go on.. and then some sketches appeared and I was thinking
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And then out of the nowhere appeared super colored clean and detailed works again and I was like:
"WTF! Genius! Woaahaha look at this detailed stuff she made already in the past!"I am Love..Onion 

So... thank you for posting your works here, they are great and really awesome.
And sorry for spaming *puts to favourite*  i just love your work Happy Happy..Onion 
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